The Magic Door is split into three main regions: The Sea, the Mountains, and the Dark Forest. Within these regions, you will find multiple adventures, each with many paths and choices.

At the start of the game, you make your first choice by deciding which region to travel to. These regions, and the adventures they include, are described below.

Also at the start of the game, you will eventually find a Mailbox with a special party invitation inside. Read more below to discover what that invitation entails.

The Sea

When you choose to journey to the Sea, you will immediately be given the choice of three different adventures: The Haunted Lighthouse Adventure, the Tropical Island Adventure, and the Gnome’s Treehouse Adventure.

The Mountains

When you travel to the Mountains, you will immediately find a fork in the road. You can choose to take either the Forest Path or the Garden Path.

If you choose the Forest Path, you will begin the Lost Key Adventure. In this adventure, you can find and help the gnome in red. Inside the forest, you will also find the Pine Needles Path. Remember this path, it will expand and become more meaningful after journey to the Sea and complete the Gnome’s Treehouse Adventure.

If, at the fork, you instead choose the Garden Path, you will head directly to the Garden Gate. Here, you can choose to talk to the Rabbit, pass through the gate, or stay in the Garden. By talking to the Rabbit, you can learn about the Egg Hunt Adventure and collect eggs hidden beyond the Garden Gate.

Additionally, by passing through the Garden Gate, you will begin the Lost Crown Adventure. Simply follow the daisies, talk to the Troll and find the Princess.

Finally, if you choose to stay in the Garden (and not go through the Garden Gate), you can explore the dirt path, as well as the rose garden. These areas will expand as you play the game, unlocking more choices.

The Dark Forest

When you journey to the Dark Forest, you begin the Dark Forest Adventure, and find yourself walking down a spooky path of fallen leaves. This path will lead you to the Witch’s mansion, haunted by a troubled ghost. You can search for the missing Wizard here, and also discover more clues surrounding his disappearance.

The Mailbox

After entering the Magic Door at least once, you will find the addition of a Mailbox at the beginning of your game. By “opening the mailbox,” you will discover a pink envelope with an invitation to the Royal Holiday Party. If you choose to go to this party, you will begin the Holiday Adventure inside the wintery garden. You can journey through the snow toward the Princess’ Castle, where you will find a merry celebration with gifts, music and friendly company.

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