Since February 2016, more than 500,000 Alexa users have gone on more than 1,000,000 interactive adventures inside The Magic Door. Started as a side project by husband and wife team Laura and Andy Huntwork with just a few short stories in November 2015, The Magic Door is now the largest collection of interactive stories designed from the beginning to be experienced by voice.

The Magic Door, LLC, founded by Laura and Andy in July 2017, now continues to release new interactive stories inside The Magic Door and also works with partners to launch interactive stories on Alexa and Google Assistant/Google Home using the Magic Door’s software platform.

Andy Huntwork is the co-founder and CEO of The Magic Door. He recently left after 12 years, most recently as Principal Engineer for Alexa Skills Kit. There, he led the cross organizational and cross functional team that launched “Alexa, play a game,” “Alexa, let’s hunt for eggs,” “Alexa, let’s chat,” “Alexa, get me a ride,” and thousands of other phrases that launch skills. Andy built the Magic Door platform to enable co-founder and wife Laura to tell engaging stories in a mostly self-service way without any coding. He is working on making all voice interfaces sound better and on making the Magic Door platform fully self service for authors.
Laura Huntwork is the primary creator of stories inside The Magic Door. Laura drafted the very first story for The Magic Door in October 2015 and soon after began creating and adding sound effects to enhance the user experience. In addition to sounds and stories, Laura enjoys connecting with users by answering their questions online and finding ways to improve the game by integrating users’ ideas and feedback.
Justin Bates has over 10 years of professional experience in audio engineering and music production. As an engineer, he has contributed sound design to films, television shows, commercials and video games. In the music world, he has co-written and co-produced songs with artists like Will.I.Am, Fall Out Boy, Rivers Cuomo, Lil Jon and Steve Aoki - with whom he was recognized with a Grammy Nomination. Justin brings intimate knowledge of the sound design workflow as well as original music and audio elements to The Magic Door.